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In the field of legal services, bigger is not always better. Have you ever tried getting status on your job from a company with 10 different servers? Good luck with that. Here at Defense Collective, we do not hire just any Joes off the street. Instead, like many elite units, we keep our selection small and focused on individuals who can produce results.

Christopher Baker

Christopher is the managing manager of Defense Collective.  For the last two years, he has spent time working in the legal industry to learn the ins and outs of legal services.  Chris spent  almost ten years as a submariner (serving on USS Greeneville and USS Florida).  In applying the principals and experience from the military to legal services, Chris has established himself as an effective and successful field agent.

Chris Baker Resume

Sara Baker

Sara Baker is a managing member of Defense Collective.  Sara entered into the industry back in 2010 when she first started processing legal documents.   Sara currently holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and is pursuing a Master’s in the same field.   Sara was selected to participate in the Collective team for her keen research skills and customer service.

Alan Beck

Alan Beck is a licensed attorney in the State of Hawaii and also the State of California.  Alan received his undergraduate degree from UCSD and his law degree from the University of San Diego.  For the last few years, Mr. Beck has provided numerous individuals with legal information regarding the Local Rules of Civil Procedure and also Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  As an attorney, Alan has participated in numerous successful litigation efforts in both State and Federal Courts.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Alan served our great country as United States Marine Corps tank crew member.   His dedication and self-sacrifice made him a perfect candidate to join the collective.

Dale Palileo

Dale is the technical manager for Defense Collective.  He is responsible for ensuring that the company’s day to day web and associated operations are functioning at full-force.

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